Why not a Museum to the slave Trade? – George Galloway

with Zita Holbourne and Esther Stanford Xosei in Tottenham

‘Why not a Museum to the slave Trade?

The slave owners were compensated for giving up an abominable, satanic practice of enslaving other human beings..unashamedly, unembarrassingly….

The biggest criminals in London are white people with white collars, they care called bankers…

We cannot have discriminatory policing, we have to police everybody the same

As I put it on the Metropolitan police. If you pick somebody’ pocket in Liverpool Station you’ll be picked up pretty damn quick and you’ll be behind bars. But if you steal millions, tens of millions, from the public, cause if the banks are too big to fail, all the theft is from the public …cause the public have to bail out the bank that’s been destroyed by the thieves, then your chances of going to jail were until this week zero

George Galloway.

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