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In 1993 Malawi became a democracy and shortly after adopted a new constitution. From the leadership of the first democratically elected President, Bakili Muluzi, to recently when the country was led by a woman (only the second in Africa),  there have been many good things worth celebrating that have happened to Malawi over the course of its history.

Yet throughout Malawi’s history, monumental challenges still remain, and some things have not changed for the better. Some things have become worse.

Malawi Ace aims to inspire and provide a platform not for divisive or accusatory debate but for collective formulation of useful and practical answers to the country’s challenges – which we hope can find root or consensus within Malawi’s present and upcoming leadership. It aims to question things which can be done better, to straighten the road and illuminate light onto the darkeness, and to applaud noteworthy achievements which will drive Malawi forward.

It will present alternative views, ideas, inspiration from across the world to achieve this. A different narrative to challenge norms which are pulling Malawi, and Africa backward.

Taking lessons from history and what others have done in other countries, and examining implications of things that we take for granted, it will aim to present a factually informed picture and seek to address questions which if addressed properly can impact Malawi’s (and in general Africa’s) social political and economic life for the better.

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