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Travel: A few interesting places you may want to visit

What’s next for the Travel Sector (McKinsey)?

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Kenya’s push for more quality Graduates is a welcome step in the right direction

Clip of President of Kenya, William Ruto, making a Speech addressing various issues surrounding Education and the quality of Graduates Kenyan Universities produce.

Why is the Government of Malawi failing to sort out Fuel Shortages ?

For weeks now Malawians have been experiencing what can only be described as acute and severe fuel shortages, with very long queues outside filling stations, as motorists wait in line for hours for the commodity, amidst multiple reports of malpractice among some owners and employees of some filling stations. But what is causing these severe…

How exactly will Starlink help Malawi?

If you didn’t already know, news has it that Starlink is coming to Malawi. But several people have since asked me exactly how Starlink will help Malawi? The questions include ‘How is it going to improve Internet connectivity in Malawi?’ ‘Is it going to bring prices down?’ ‘Is it going to increase penetration rates?’ Please…

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