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The Queen’s death has stirred some angry feelings among some Africans

https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/mixed-feelings-among-some-africa-queen-elizabeth-2022-09-09/ Some people pointed to the past atrocities of the British Empire during colonialism. Others were more forensic, and focused on stolen relics of the British Empire. Others were sarcastic Some, and here it wasn’t just Africans, tried to rationalize the anger While others gave a balanced tone, offering condolences but acknowledging that problems remained. […]

6 key lessons African governments can learn from the UK’s energy crisis

As you may know, Britain and some parts of Europe are experiencing an energy crisis as the high cost of natural gas has pushed up energy prices. There are a number of causes for this but the war in Ukraine is notable in that it has compounded the problem, and made it much worse. Below […]

Why are African people still buying foreign Tea brands?

It’s a different thing, if you have a thing for a rare, flavoursome and luxurious Peruvian Coffee bean that grows deep in the Hauscaran mountains and that is unusually picked by monkeys – who then bring the beans to places more accessible by humans. Believe me, its a very different thing if you indulge in […]

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