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Travel: A few interesting places you may want to visit

What’s next for the Travel Sector (McKinsey)?

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The forgotten strivers

Every now and again, I return to this theme. It’s one of those things I’m unable to escape from. Pictures like the above force me to do so. Here, as a background, I’ve had this picture since November 2020, and have probably used it in other posts in the past. Anyhow, this morning while browsing … Continue reading The forgotten strivers

Malawi is failing to create an economy that works for everyone

Malawi has many challenges, but one our biggest challenge is creating an economy that works for ordinary people, not just the elites; an economy that helps ordinary people become financially secure. I would suggest that this is in fact Malawi’s biggest challenge, because until people are financially secure, everything else is immaterial. Until people can … Continue reading Malawi is failing to create an economy that works for everyone

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