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Travel: A few interesting places you may want to visit

What’s next for the Travel Sector (McKinsey)?

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Defining priorities when everyone wants to keep up with the Banda’s

The above pictures were released by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Malawi about a tender for a new Olympic standard swimming pool and other structures at Kamuzu Institute of Sports in Lilongwe. The tender shows that several companies have submitted a bid for the contract, with the cheapest coming in at K7.7 BillionContinue Reading

Should the Government of Malawi increase the pay of Civil Servants?

Following the K6.2 Billion COVID19 funds scandal, in which 64 people have so far been arrested by the Malawi Police as being suspended to have been involved in the plunder of the COVID19 funds, various people have opined whether the real problem we have in Malawi is that the take home pay which Civil servantsContinue Reading

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