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What Young Malawian Entrepreneurs Need

Draft Template/ Working Document/ Collection of thoughts. Introducing the Youth Development Cooperative (YDC). ****** ~ ******~ ******~******~******~****** Overview Young people across Africa are hungry for success. From the technology clusters … Continue reading

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Supreme Court: Institutional Racism Is Real

… First, racists are usually not dumb enough to leave records of their prejudice. They find some other reason to fire the employee, or keep the family out of the … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Bicycle

Even though the majority of useful inventions never see the light of day, forever languishing in some basement or workshop, inventing remains a wonderful if not miraculous activity. Who would … Continue reading

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12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki

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Nigerian Billionaire Tony Elumelu says he will keep investing

Listen to Nigerian Billionaire Tony Elumelu says he will keep investing by BBC Africa #np on #SoundCloud

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African Dream: Tips from Ghana’s banker turned shoemaker

Have a social cause that your local clients can buy into. Because of low employment rates among youths and a lack of training for entrepreneurs, we have created a division that empowers people who want to become entrepreneurs. We hold start-up work shops and give regular talk at schools, universities and even corporate bodies in Ghana such as UT Bank

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Another reason why Africans should own their own resources

Last week a well written article appeared on Al Jazeera arguing against the false and somewhat misleading picture of Corruption that is often put out by the western media. In … Continue reading

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