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The Jappie Mhango allowances fiasco is only the tip of the Iceberg of corruption in Malawi

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that Malawi has a big corruption problem. It is a fact and there’s no getting away from it. … Continue reading

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Taking Malawians for foolsThe Nation Online | The Nation Online

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The inspiring young South African behind a township textile company

…Tshintsholo’s plan for the future is to one day open a pan-African bank so that the continent’s countries no longer have to borrow money from elsewhere in the world and … Continue reading

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Citizen led Development

The problem with Malawi is everyone wants to be president. Whether this is as a direct result of enduring bad and inefficient government for so many years, under several clowns … Continue reading

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What is wrong with Africa in that we must always be dictated to…

“What is wrong with Africa that we must always be dictated to, that somebody must dictate our course and we must be managed. And we accept it?”- President Paul Kagame … Continue reading

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Quality & Longevity: What comes after bricks?

The other day, I watched this video by one historian named Vaclav Smil and it made me think about our construction practices in Malawi. What is the most used material … Continue reading

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What Young Malawian Entrepreneurs Need

Draft Template/ Working Document/ Collection of thoughts. Introducing the Youth Development Cooperative (YDC). ****** ~ ******~ ******~******~******~****** Overview Young people across Africa are hungry for success. From the technology clusters … Continue reading

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