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Citizen led Development

The problem with Malawi is everyone wants to be president. Whether this is as a direct result of enduring bad and inefficient government for so many years, under several clowns … Continue reading

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Why China should help Mozambique and Tanzania develop their Natural Gas production Capacities

Challenges ahead for Tanzania To Build new CapaCiTies for gas Industry Development I refer to the section 3.1 titled ‘Addressing General weakness of the economy’  and section 6.1  titled ‘Unchecked … Continue reading

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If I come across another #book written by a #white #expat about his or her #African #childhood …

Having overheard some disgruntled comments made to JKIA bookstore assistants, I know I am by no means the only person who wants to read something about Africa besides another expat … Continue reading

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A promising future

What does a future of peace and prosperity for Africa look like? Is such a future possible with the present dynamics at play across the continent? Is such a future … Continue reading

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China’s Investment In Africa – The African Perspective

China’s Investment In Africa – The African Perspective (via Forbes) By Steven Kuo JOHANNESBURG – China’s interest in Africa is often said to come on the back of colonial aspirations. … Continue reading

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Under this brown skin, living in this black body,

Yesterday, there was a program on BBC 2 titled Britain’s forgotten Slave Owners, a well researched Documentary by David Olusoga , a British-Nigerian Historian and Broadcaster, who explored the price … Continue reading

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Bad-mouthing a country

The other week President Peter Mutharika of Malawi said that Malawians should not bad-mouth Malawi. That people shouldn’t say negative things about the country. Although I see his point, in … Continue reading

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