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Malawi: Giving the smallest babies the best chance at life

Malawi has one of the highest rates of preterm birth in the world. Nearly 1 in 5 babies are born before 37 weeks of gestation. Globally, complications of prematurity, such … Continue reading

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First sub-Saharan Starbucks to open in South Africa

Other coffee chains already on the ground are unlikely to be singing with joy about this (unless the arrival of the newcomer brings fresh business otherwise unaccounted for – which … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn – Socialism DOES Work

Jeremy Corbyn could become leader of the Labour Party, the main opposition party in the House of Commons (UK Parliament), after he received the most nominations from Constituency Labour Parties … Continue reading

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Supreme Court: Institutional Racism Is Real

… First, racists are usually not dumb enough to leave records of their prejudice. They find some other reason to fire the employee, or keep the family out of the … Continue reading

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Stop #Xenophobia WE ARE #AFRICA

Found this image by someone known as olubanker911 on instagram Update from a friend via WhatsApp (I’ve not verified them yet) : 🇿🇦SOUTH AFRICA IS ISOLATED 🇿🇦 In Mozambique, all … Continue reading

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Wall Street isn’t happy with us

This article, a blog post by Senator Elizabeth Warren titled Wall Street isn’t happy with us is interesting and reveals the kind of greedy system the free world is up … Continue reading

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A High Court reporter who travels with important court documents

When it doesn’t rain, it pours. Almost everyday, a scandal emerges in Malawi that shows the level of incompetency and dysfunction that exists on all levels. Yesterday Zodiac online posted … Continue reading

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