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One killed and many injured in land resettlement fracas involving Mota Engil

Barely a week after the Times run a story about Mota Engil’s proposed 5-star hotel in Monkey Bay in Mangochi, the newspaper has reported that a man has died and … Continue reading

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Zambia gov’t in talks with mining firms over sharing of mineral wealth – Xinhua | Ok, so we’ll shut down the mine because of an 8% tax????! Can you see how absurd that sounds? Are they saying that they make 8% in profit? The … Continue reading

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Watch “Featured Documentary – Crude harvest: Selling Mex…” on YouTube

Featured Documentary – Crude harvest: Selling Mex…: [YouTube =

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The Congo Still Ravaged by U.S.-Funded Conflict and Plunder

The Congo Still Ravaged by U.S.-Funded Conflict and Plunder via Global    …The Rwandan/Ugandan invasion has opened up the DRC’s wealth to unlimited plunder by Western mining companies, including … Continue reading

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After suspension of oil and gas exploration licences in Malawi what happens now?

Anglo American Corporation was founded in Johannesburg in 1917 with £1 million (what today would have been £75 million, adjusting for inflation according to one inflation calculator). It has since … Continue reading

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Con Artists: Deception, deception and more deception

The typical con artist of the 21st Century is a puppet organisation whose employees have important sounding job titles, wear suits, have well manicured fingernails and sport pricey haircuts. None … Continue reading

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The real reason why I oppose drilling for oil on lake Malawi

Whatever you choose to believe, here is one hypothesis you must seriously consider; That a nation that does not own its natural resources is not independent at all. That instead, … Continue reading

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