Stop #Xenophobia WE ARE #AFRICA


Found this image by someone known as olubanker911 on instagram

Update from a friend via WhatsApp (I’ve not verified them yet) :


In Mozambique, all trucks and cars with South African registration are being stoned. Four Sasol South African tracks have been set on fire.

In Zimbabwe , there is more than 5000 people marching at the South African Embassy in both Harare and Bulawayo.
In Malawi all South African shops and South African Embassy were forced to closed my marchers.

In China , the government has given South African President one week to reply before it calls all Chinese companies come stop operations.

In USA , they have promised strong sanctions against South Africa if they dont stop xenophobia.

Boko Haram has given five days to SA before it bombs SA Embassy in Nigeria.

In Namibia they have writing a human rights violations to World Human Rights Commission to stop SA flights worldwide.
In DRC four SA companies mining in that country have been requested to stop operations until xenophobia is stopped.

SA economy is now at risk. Pls send to all your contacts to stop XENOPHOBIA ATTACKS.
Mandela once said ” it is in your hands”


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