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Why African Governments should Strongly Condemn the Xenophobic attacks against Africans in China

The last couple of days have brought depressing headlines that show Africans living in China being persecuted, in some instances at the hands of the police, as a new wave … Continue reading

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The Other: What people say about Migrants

Once every now and again something happens that prompts me to troll through the comments people leave in response to articles on news websites. This exercise is purely a curiosity … Continue reading

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Zwelithini: A cumbersome expense to modern South Africa – Opinion

It is understandable for the citizens of South Africa to complain about the influx of foreigners in their country. In Europe a similar phenomenon is unfolding with immigration being the … Continue reading

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Stop #Xenophobia WE ARE #AFRICA

Found this image by someone known as olubanker911 on instagram Update from a friend via WhatsApp (I’ve not verified them yet) : 🇿🇦SOUTH AFRICA IS ISOLATED 🇿🇦 In Mozambique, all … Continue reading

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