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Letter to the Editor @TIME Magazine over the deal with #Malawi

The letter below was written by a prominent activist and posted on her Facebook account, addressed to the Editor of Time Magazine. It follows shocking revelations yesterday that the Government … Continue reading

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African Women Organize to Reclaim Agriculture Against Corporate Takeover

I live in an environment of mountains, dense forest, and fertile soil. Our mothers, they selected seed from the previous harvest, which they would plant. We had a way of … Continue reading

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UN agency needs $81m to save Malawi from food crisis

This is from last September. Source: New Europe Online *** ~ *** ~ *** More than 2.8 million people in Malawi will face hunger in the coming months in the … Continue reading

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K65 million for a mobile toilet

Ailing Mutharika‚Äôs K65 million toilet stirs trouble No comment… Malawi: Financial crisis hits St Anne’s hospital in Nkhotakota (Malawi News Agency via Allafrica)

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Why the Malawi Postal Corporation should enter the business of International Money Transfer

A few weeks ago, I watched a Christmas party video in which the speaker talked about remittances by migrants living in the UK, and immediately I got an idea. Why … Continue reading

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My Prayer for 2016

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Why corruption is holding Africa back (CNN)

Why corruption is holding Africa back (via CNN) Corruption mars FISP in northern region (Malawi24) “Corruption creates and increases poverty and exclusion. While corrupt individuals with political power enjoy a … Continue reading

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