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How could Germany, in a span of 80 years (1914-2000s), lose a World War, get back in shape enough to start another one …and then become one of the wealthiest nations?

Ok, so found myself on Quora again, where among several Q&A’s I browsed through, one in particular stood out. How could Germany, in a span of 80 years (1914-2000s), lose … Continue reading

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Growing African economies that will work for African people

Tanzania just announced that it will dump English as its official language in schools, opting for Kiswahili instead. This morning, I read this article that somehow appears to suggest that … Continue reading

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Germany is trying to build the next Silicon Valley This article is interesting.  Germany recognises what role a government should play in fostering a climate in which entrepreneurship can thrive. I’ve encountered many views on this, and from … Continue reading

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Reconstruction of Berlin

Want to kickstart your fledgling economy? How about German efficiency for a model? Reconstruction Of Berlin 1946

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Where is Africa’s manufacturing?

I prefer to ask (and answer) the above question, that references to the ‘stage’ or ‘point’ (not physical location) when asked ‘Why is Africa not manufacturing?’ . I’ve been asked … Continue reading

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Whodunnit : Kalambula bwalo

“By making the government a combination of elected officials and citizen-backed initiatives and referenda, there can truly be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” … Continue reading

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