Quantitative Easing, Grexit and the debt in the Eurozone: Of Botswana, Bushmen and Baboons

The winners and the losers of Quantitative Easing

Debt and Money are volatile matters. Deal makers or deal breakers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s within families, between countries, between banks or among members of some financial union where the fracas occurs, but when money is involved, a lot hangs in the balance.

When money is misappropriated, people take opposite positions and begin arguing. And when debts are not repaid, or loans are withheld…actually any financially related disagreement, the opinions expressed are often filled with raw emotion; wrath, hate, anger, contempt, apathy, criticism, it’s not rare to see more than just a hint of schadenfreude. Because, well, its money – our survival has been made to depend on it, and so we fight tooth and nail for it. Besides some of us are just too greedy.

This bickering is especially more pronounced online. Behind aliases, nothing is held back; all the bridges are set on fire, insults traded liberally complete with icing, everyone holds tightly to their narrow views, few are available to inject some unifying common sense, courtesy is alien; if these people knew each other, or if they lived in close proximity to each other there would be fights, many fights. Someone would get physical, and at least another would get hurt.

euro-dispI find that in such spheres, the commentary beneath an article can be more interesting than the article itself. And you can probably have your daily dose of entertainment by merely browsing through what everyone thinks of the issue. At least I can.

And you rarely see such kind of raucous debate in real life, other than in silly comic sketches.  But it rarely happens in current affairs programs churned out by the big media houses. Unless you are watching proceedings of the debates in the house of commons. Or pre-election debates – in which case some drama is not rare.

But online, squabbles happen a lot more frequently (as the comments on this link (via FT) / below  demonstrate). The result is priceless:-

101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  11…the wit. Needless to say my favourites are the two references to Bushmen and Baboons in Botswana. Genius.