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Of the 120 million #youth that entered the #workforce in 2013, 80% couldn’t find a #job

Fact: Of the 120 million youth that entered the workforce in 2013, 80% couldn’t find a job. — Global Citizen (@GlblCtzn) July 28, 2015

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Practical Community led Activism

Now that the UK general election is over and done with, people this side of the world can get back to work, and begin focussing on the difficult issues facing … Continue reading

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Some Malawians are joining Politics for the wrong reasons

The 20th May general elections of Malawi consisted of three major political families all vying for the seat of the presidency. On one side there were the Mutharikas, on the … Continue reading

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One killed and many injured in land resettlement fracas involving Mota Engil

Barely a week after the Times run a story about Mota Engil’s proposed 5-star hotel in Monkey Bay in Mangochi, the newspaper has reported that a man has died and … Continue reading

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SCOTLAND, why destroy an age old institution? …ENGLAND, why the Selfishness?

When you can build on its past successes or rectify the short-comings of a thing, to make it better, more efficient, quicker, etc, why would you destroy it, and start … Continue reading

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Unlocking the full potential of women at work

  Unlocking the full potential of women at work via McKinsey & Company

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