Wind Energy – Lessons from Brazil

In Brazil, the wind blows in a new era of renewable energy : via Washington Post

Reading the above – which is an excellent article, I get the impression that while some current problems exist, Brazil has figured out a solution to energy shortages.

I’m often amazed at how simple technologies which are widespread in the developed world still struggle to gain traction in developing countries. Across Africa, some people say it’s because of a lack of real leadership, while others say it’s because of a lack of resources and capital for entrepreneurs, yet others say it’s a symptom of deprivation and a lack of education.

Clearly the truth is that the problem stems from a combination of all such factors. something that I touched upon here ( titled Stocktaking: 24 pressing problems impeding Africa’s Economic Development )

On the subject of simple technologies, I recently happened upon Monodraught Ltd, a British company that makes natural ventilation and natural cooling systems. Their technologies in my view are excellent, in particular I liked this one (which I know I will buy some day):


A simple technology which I believe in the sun-scorched dry towns and cities in an African country such as Malawi could provide a useful source of natural ventilation, utilising the power of the sun, without placing additional demands on the already overstretched national grid supply. Coupled with solar panels and you’d be sorted…all your energy needs easily met.

Further, adopting such technologies would help reduce the start-up expenses or running costs of  a factory owner because with this, you really don’t have to worry about installing air conditioning. A Pdf document with more information of the design and functionality of the technology can be found here.


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