A Healthy Source of Power

Strathclyde Energy for Development

The 88kW Bondo micro-hydro scheme located near the Mulanje Plateau has been providing electricity for households and key community buildings since May 2013. The system consists of a dam on the river, a canal and pipe carrying water to the penstocks and a generating building. Power from the generator is supplied to four remote village communities, cut off from the main Malawi electrical grid. Key buildings which are connected include a health centre, a school and several maize mills as well as a shop and numerous private houses.

During the site visit we spoke with the Nurse/Midwife at the health centre who does an amazing job making sure women are cared for before, during and after childbirth. He is on call 24 hours a day because expectant mothers turn up out of the blue. The hydro scheme has meant electric lighting is now possible, this has made night time births…

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