Living in a country that breaks my heart time and time again

The following was a status update posted on a friend’s contact on Facebook: 

Living in a country that breaks my heart time and time again. Today at my son’s cardiologists appointment (Queens) I met a beautiful four month old baby. I immediately saw that she had down syndrome and a possible heart defect-she wasn’t growing much and laboured with her breathing.The mom,a simple unemployed woman, had no idea though and I feared that in just a short while her life would be turned upside down. She would soon experience an indescribable heart wrenching pain. She would be gripped with a fear of an uncertain future and the reality that she lives in an unjust society. Sure enough she walked out of the doctors completely shattered as she tried to make sense of the news she had just received, that her baby had two holes in the heart. The condition requires surgery but she was not told, instead simply sent away with tablets. Why? Because the option of surgery is not made available. Government does not provide financial assistance to children with Downs or similar genetic conditions. Only “normal” children. Effectively this child was sent home to die because our government decided that her life is not worth fighting for. That she is not a worthy citizen. That because she will have developmental challenges then she shouldn’t be given a chance at life. And these decisions are made on my tax money? Unbelievable!! Simply Unbelievable!!


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