An Urgent Need

Via the Malawi Project. Original Story here

A disturbing report comes from Suzi Stephens, Medical Director for the Malawi Project.  Suzi has   has dedicated the last  20 years of her life  to improving the conditions in Malawi hospitals.  As a result of her passion and your support, we have delivered over $200 million in aid to over 700 Malawi heath-care facilities.

Today we have an urgent request… and we are asking for your help.

Suzi Describes the Situation

LIne of women waiting a delivery table“When we recently visited the Dedza District Hospital we were stunned by the large number of expectant mothers just standing around waiting,” says Suzi Stephens, Medical Director for the Malawi Project. “The situation has been bad the entire time we have been working in Malawi,” she says, “but this time at this particular hospital it was the worst I have ever seen. Not only were there mother’s waiting to go into labor, but I witnessed the ‘stacking’ of mothers who were actually in labor. We witnessed rows of laboring women sitting on benches waiting for delivery tables to be available. No one was crying out. They were quietly, patiently waiting. As one would move to a delivery table for delivery, she would quickly move through the delivery process, then vacate the bed for the next laboring mother. The nurse’s job was to walk along the row of women, and pick the next woman who was closest to delivering. Can you even imagine sitting on a bench with other laboring women quietly waiting your turn to lie down and deliver your child? No pain medicine, no IV’s, no assessment by nurses as the labor progresses. Just patiently waiting for the most important event of your life.

Please, please help give these women respect, dignity, and a safe environment in which to celebrate Expectant Mother Waitsthe most important God-given gift any woman can receive; the gift of her child. We need the new birthing center to relieve the over-crowding of Dedza District.  Every day we wait more women move into the queue at this hospital, and face the dangers of an overcrowded system.”

This project is ready to go – we have the permits, we have the contractor selected, the local villagers have produced the bricks needed for construction – all we lack is the funding to get the contractor started.

Your tax deductible  donation can be made  online or  you may send a check to:

The Malawi Project
“Birthing Center Fund”
3314 Van Tassel Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46240


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