IMF – the truth

“The IMF, despite the pin stripes and pretension, is the “repo” man or bailiff of the international community. Borrow too much money and the repo man will come to take back your car, flatscreen TV or your house if you cannot repay your loans.” – Professor Roman Grynberg,  Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis.

While several people I know are deliberating whether the $20 million  loan which the IMF have approved to Malawi was a good thing or not, I have my own clear views on the IMF and what it stands for, which from previous posts such as this one here, I have never hidden

imf2The IMF will never be a friend to any poor country. They go where trouble brews primarily to make money for their investors/ funders. In my view, claiming otherwise is dishonest and an overstatement.

But if you are biased otherwise, maybe the links below can give you a different perspective.


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