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Africans Need to Stop Listening to the Colonial Voices in their Heads

africa-11115_640“..Under colonialism, Africans were trained in submissiveness through the butt of a gun, and although their colonial masters mostly left by the 1960s, succeeding generations have continued to hear and obey their ghostly commanding voices. Those voices may no longer be overt but covert, and no longer bolstered by physical force but emotional, ideological and economic sway, but they still persist…” – Chika Ezeanya, Africans Need to Stop Listening to the Colonial Voices in their Heads.

In Africa’s parliaments, presidential palaces and boardrooms, Africans continue to obey the commands of other peoples, nations and continents telling them what to do.

The continent seems compelled by the will and wish of others to act out of tune with what is expected of it. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), oftentimes poorly informed about the continent’s realities, draft ill-fitting economic policies, which African governments implement as is. European countries, especially the former colonial powers, maintain a grip over the economic situation of their former colonies. China arrived in Africa with a bang and has so far built a ‘befitting’ headquarters for the African Union in Addis Ababa and several presidential palaces for African presidents in exchange for privileged access to the continent’s natural resources and manufactured goods markets.

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