What’s your reference point

It may be obvious to some that people must first be successful at family level for the greater benefit to be realised at society level. In other words, and generally, if you have many productive and functional families living in proximity as members of a society, the chances are you will have a more productive and functional society, than if those families were dysfunctional and crippled with problems…

Today, I saw this here, the model and actor Tyrese Gibson dishing out some touching but heartfelt words of wisdom from his experiences touching on subjects such as relationships, fatherhood, drugs, alcohol, etc, issues which I know affect many black and Afro-carribean families across the world.

When one is in search of inspirational ideas, you really never know where the next one will come in from as I’ve found out watching the video.

Sensitive listeners – apologies for the swear words…


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