Prominent Malawian Lawyer who won a courtcase against President Joyce Banda’s family attacked by thugs in his house

A report by Nyasa Times says that a lawyer, Chancy Gondwe, who had won a court case against President Joyce Banda’s family was attacked  yesterday (21st February) at his house by thugs,and is currently hospitalised in a serious condition, as a result of the injuries sustained. The attack comes barely three days after winning the court case.

Lately the security situation in Malawi has deteriorated and Malawians have complained about the sharp rise in violence, thefts and murders. This attack, although inconclusive as to its actual motive, brings to mind the repressive final days of Bingu Wa Mutharika’s regime, especially the murder of Robert Chasowa. It will be a shame if people affiliated to Joyce Banda or even the People’s Party had something to do with this. Already, the report by Nyasa Times suggests that the thugs attacked Gondwe only, even though there were three other people in the house.

Another online news source, Malawi Voice – whose editor Gondwe represented in the court case against President Banda’s family, has also carried the story.



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