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Uncelebrated Lives: Henry Ossawa Tanner

Henry Ossawa Tanner was an American painter who frequently depicted biblical scenes and is best known for the paintings “Nicodemus Visiting Jesus,” “The Banjo Lesson” and “The Thankful Poor.” He was the first African-American painter to gain international fame.

Henry Ossawa Tanner via BIOGRAPHY.COM

In the Uncelebrated Lives, I’ll select a few individuals of African origin whose lives I think deserves more mention than has been done in the past. Henry Ossawa Tanner kicks off our Uncelebrated Lives section on Malawi Ace.

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2 comments on “Uncelebrated Lives: Henry Ossawa Tanner

  1. ngobesingromanus
    November 24, 2014

    You do a good job with this blog. There are many unsung heroes. Dig them out dear friend and give them the recognition they deserve. There are many whose praises are sung when they did not do as much as many who are ignored.


    • Sang N.
      November 24, 2014

      I will my brother, I will …the battle is hard, the enemy is strong, but nevertheless, i will do my small part….



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