New Malawian Political Party formed in South Africa

A new Malawian Political Party has been formed in South Africa.

Confederate-letterThe Party, appropriately called Confederate Action Party of Malawi (CAPM) was founded by businessman and political activist Mr Joshua Chisa Mbele, and promises to do away with the old politics of corruption and mediocrity which has been largely responsible for many of Malawi’s recent woes and which has plagued our politics and economy. Targeting the 2019 general election, the party promises to revolutionise the way politics and economic development is conducted in Malawi and Southern Africa in general. The Party’s flag is symptomatic of this revolutionary spirit, in that:

Gold represents Industrialization of the Economy. Manufacturing. Information Technology. Financial Services. Service Industries & Tourism.

Green represents the quest to revamp Agriculture Sector. Commercialization of Farming. Mechanization of Farming. Creation of modern farming community. Resettlement of our communities.

White stands for Transparency in everything. Market Economy is better served by an open and transparent government. Triumph of the Rule of Law.

The Eagle tells of the Resolve to Defend the Building of the Nation with precision, using all the resources available fight and defeat the dark forces who may attempt to thwart the efforts to build a better Malawi for narrow selfish reasons.

While the party’s manifesto has not yet been drafted, among the ideas adopted by the party are a few which I think are very interesting. According to the party’s Facebook page, CAPM will:

(1) Abolish the Presidency in favour of:

“.. Collective Leadership at Federal Council Level and Bicameral Legislative Assembly.
State Power back to the people.”

(2) Adopt Federalism

“Not based on tribe but economic factors. Five Federal Districts will emerge. Many leaders will emerge.”

(3) To Revamp the economy with industrialisation and commercial agriculture.

“We must build a modern society. Education and Skills Development. Liberalization of the Economy in its fullest sense. Malawi to be the Switzerland of Africa.”

What is curious is that unlike previous patterns, this Party forms a whole 5 years before the next election. This is itself in sharp contrast to the usual practice, when political parties begin to pop-up or reassert themselves only close to the election.

I can only hope that discerning and enlightened Malawians all over the world will embrace this initiative and support this new political party because from what I know, and can see, even if CAPM achieves one-third of its aims, Malawi will not be the same.




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