As Boko Haram Kills 2,000 in Nigeria Attack, African Religious Leader Asks Why There’s No Response Akin to Paris Mourning

While some of the points raised in the article are valid, where are the African leaders?

Never mind international solidarity, what about national solidarity? Why hasn’t Jacob Zuma or Yoweri Museveni flown to Abuja to show ‘solidarity’ with Nigeria? To put it differently, how many countries across Africa have in recent years offered Nigeria military or financial assistance to help fight Boko Haram? I know Chad and one or two others have offered assistance, but what about the other 50? Why haven’t they offered help? Is it because they expect such things to happen in Africa? Or is it simply because they do not care? Is it because they expect foreigners to be at the forefront, to give aid, to dictate the agenda each time disasters happens…?

While the death of the 2000 is a very sad episode in Nigeria’s history and Africa’s security, and while any form of terrorism is abhorrent, and must be confronted and condemned, I think before we begin to blame the media or the international community for one thing or the other, we should first take a careful look at what we as Africans have done to combat terrorism in Africa. We can’t always expect foreigners to solve our domestic problems. That’s not how it works. In fact I’d go as far as saying that’s no more than an abdication of our responsibility towards our people.

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