Zimbabwe in land policy U-turn


While they may have their justifications in the matter of land reform,  preventing ventures based on skin colour is wrong and shortsighted. Enlightened Zimbabweans know that. I understand that communities which were greatly disadvantages for a better part of a century will need a push to enable them to catch up economically,  but that push must not be racist in nature as these policies appear to have been. I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do considering the circumstances,  I’m just saying even if black Zimbabweans were disadvantaged for a long time (which they were), young Zimbabweans, post-mugabe- should strive for inclusive economic policies that while attempting to right the wrongs of the past(of which there were many), do not inadvertently create new wrongs, instead they should develop policies that will drive the nation towards shared prosperity, irrespective of skin colour, religion or party affiliation.


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