Floods hit parts of Malawi & Mozambique

floods-mwTorrential rains have caused major floods in southern parts of Malawi and parts of Mozambique.

The president of Malawi has declared 15 districts as disaster areas, and has appealed for humanitarian assistance to deal with the crisis. The Vice President Saulos Chilima has called on members of the general public to help fellow citizens affected by floods that have hit the nation.

Malawi’s department of climate Change and Meteorological Services has warned of heavy rainfall and flash floods in the country for the next two to three weeks.

Reports from Malawi say that up to 100 people (the government says 48) have died across Malawi as a result of the floods and around 70,000 people have been displaced. In Mozambique,  20,000 people have been displaced. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has created a map (via http://reliefweb.int) showing the affected areas.

We’ve also received reports that there has been water cuts in Blantyre for at least 3 days now, and electricity supply has also been cut off.

The Malawi President will visit some of the affected areas tomorrow, according to the Government’s press release:

FloodsMore details here and here

Some people have set up funding initiatives, including one on Go Fund Me here to try to raise money for the humanitarian assistance.


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