Appeal and Update on the floods in southern Malawi

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Malawi: Thousands of flood victims unable to receive aid

Johannesburg/Nsanje, January 16th 2015 – Up to twenty thousand people in the southern tip of Malawi most affected by the current floods remain cut off from the rest of the country without food, health care and ways to prevent possible outbreaks, the humanitarian medical organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said on Friday.

Humanitarian relief is slowly arriving in the districts of Chikwawa where the waters have started to recede. But some of the most affected areas downstream are only accessible by helicopter, making humanitarian intervention difficult. MSF, which has been responding to the floods since  January 9th, is refocusing its intervention around the town of Nsanje, where it has a long standing regular project, and is assessing ways to access the more remote East Bank.

More here on MSF website.

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Malawians in diaspora, ex-Malawian residents and friends of Malawi: A fund raising campaign has been started by Joshua Trust to help the 70,000 people left homeless by the recent floods in Malawi. Joshua Trust, a well respected community based charity, works in some of the communities that have been hardest hit. They focus on helping vulnerable children and their families. Some of these same children are trapped in-land by flood water and need immediate evacuation.

Sylvia Avgherinos, Joshua’s Executive Director has recently been awarded the Order of the British Empire for her work with the Trust. Joshua will administer the money raised. (For more information on Joshua Trust, follow this link )

Follow this link to donate funds to Joshua Orphan and Community Care for Malawi Flood Relief.

Community based efforts will be the fastest way to help these people, so thank for being part of our community.




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