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The university of Nottingham.  An educational institution of great reputation, and excellence. It is highly rated, a well resourced university – which means it can perform it’s functions well,  the university employs some of the best specialists in Science and the Arts in the UK, and attracts students from all over the world. In my view this as good as it gets when it comes to centres of higher education. That doesn’t mean that they’ve got everything right. Instead it means that they’ve ticked most of the important boxes. And are recognised for their efforts.
There is always room for improvement.
Each time I visit the place that was my school for 3 years, and that was the introduction of my life in the UK, I come away inspired.  As I walk the footpaths around the department buildings, past the halls of residence, I’m encouraged that it is possible, given the right conditions, to establish a school that equips young people with the skills needed to excel in life.  I am inspired by the UK’s longstanding efforts in fostering centres of research and higher education which work. Which are not plagued by extreme money shortages,  or influenced by the political classes. I hope these institutions continue to do the great work I saw when I studied there. I hope they continue the initiatives I discover each time I visit, I hope the spirit of selflessness of our then lecturers lives on,  the patience in communicating the knowledge they possessed continues to abide, the warm collegiate environment they fostered, the skill in utilising technology to enrich our educational experiences….I hope the University of Nottingham continues, and prospers for a very long time, and I hope one day my children will head there, for their higher education.

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Editor of Malawiace.com. Writer, Entrepreneur & Activist. Interests: International Development, History & Entrepreneurship.

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