Zuma says ‘sister countries’ add to xenophobia

JacobZumaZuma says ‘sister countries’ add to xenophobia (Mail & Guardian)

“As much as we have a problem that is alleged to be xenophobic, our sister countries contribute to this. Why are their citizens not in their countries and are in South Africa?”

he asked.

So, he doesn’t acknowledge that the attacks are xenophobic? Essentially he is saying “It’s not our fault we hate and kill other Africans. It’s the fault of the other Africans that they are in our country, and we have to kill them…”

How outrageous!!

With this guy, it’s never the ANC fault. Nothing is ever the ANC’s fault. And reason with me here, when nationals of sovereign countries have been killed in your country as a result of violence triggered by reckless statements made by your Zulu King, and your son, is this how you respond?? Is this how you honour the dead? By adding fuel to fire? Somewhat justifying the actions of your country’s low-level criminals?

Zuma’s statements are babblings of a man who doesn’t understand what his role is. He doesn’t understand that without the sacrifices African countries made, South Africa wouldn’t have come as far as it has or indeed have been free of apartheid.

South Africa needs leaders of a high calibre who understand their history and have the skills to take the country forward. The country needs leaders of promise, and not those who will sow division, and promote hate. Leaders like Zuma, who are ever in the news for the wrong reasons, will not help the country address the many challenges it faces. The fallacy in his argument can be summed up by one reader, who commented as follows:

No one asked South Africans why they were not in their country when many of them fled to other African countries when their country was going through hardship. They were taken in until South Africa was in a better position. Foolish defences to use. And stop blaming apartheid for everything. Move on!!!

African leaders across the continent should take note of Zuma’s remarks, and look for alternatives to trade. Zuma’s feet have grown too big for his South African boots.


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