Marikana massacre: the untold story of the strike leader who died for workers’ rights | Nick Davies |The Guardian

…They talked about Mambush’s funeral, there in the village where he grew up, about how many hundreds came down from Johannesburg in coaches, and how they were joined by the local clan chief and by ward councillors. Even the police had tried to send representatives, but the villagers told them they were not welcome. Mzo was not there – he stayed in hospital for three months. But Mbulelo was, carrying the coffin, and Xolani, who was still involved in the strike. It held out for five weeks after the killings, before Lonmin finally agreed to negotiate and to pay 7% higher wages. Veronica also came, with Mambush’s little daughter, Asive. Tucked into her bag, she carried a green blanket stained with blood, which she burned in a kind of sacrament….


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