Letter to the Editor – Daily Times july 15, 2015

Letters to the editor- Daily Times July 15,2015

Dear Editor,
Government has the audacity to blow 300 million Kwacha when lives of mothers and children are being lost due to a dysfunctional referral system. Almost all District a Health Offices have not received their funding and this has crippled referral systems in out public health facilities.

Between Thursday July 2 and Sunday July 2 and Sunday July 5 a case happened in Mangochi at Mpondasi Health Centre. There was obstructive labour which was reported to the DHO for Mangochi but all ambulances at the district hospital are grounded because they have not received funding.

In trying to save the life of the mother, the DHO decided to use his personal car to travel to Mpondasi to conduct Caesarian section right there. Our current health care service delivery structure does not provide such services at a health centre. These are desperate efforts by a professional clinician who understands that he or she is there to save lives. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived, the mother and baby had both died.

The views of Patseni Mauka:
According to the letter, this is happening in many places. An example is Area 25 clinic failing to pick patients to Kamuzu Central hospital. This government must review its priorities. It’s a disgrace for people to die of preventable and curable health cases while the government wastes money on parties!


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