Character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn: has the liberal media shot itself in the foot?

Corbyn shows that there should be more to politics than this false choice, which is why hundreds of thousands of leftists flocked back to Labour in the hope of getting him elected. In doing so, they overwhelmed the parliamentary Labour party (PLP), which vigorously opposed him becoming leader

One of the things I dislike about certain sections of the British media is there are too many people pulling others down. Even well-meaning politicians are dragged down. Instead of taking a critical look at what those politicians are saying, the media rubbishes them, and attacks them. It’s always attacks on personality not substance.  It’s not journalism,  and the only reason they exist is because they have convinced people to read, watch or listen to such crap.  It’s one of those things that necessitates a filter… Many a time I’ll switch off the radio in disgust when I sense BS too far-fetched, biased or generally inaccurate for my better informed ears.


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