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The battle against impunity goes on | The Economist

Without delving into the argumentson both sides,  these comments on the above article are interesting :


0 mins ago

If these countries were in Africa…Syria,Yemen and some other Arab countries, some people would be in ICC dockets as we speak….that can or may answer your quiz as to why African leaders see it as a biased



Nov 1st, 6:05

Let’s not insult anyone’s intelligence here by pretending the ICC might actually charge any American for anything done in the past decade


Oct 31st, 14:21

How shocking that African leaders that, on the whole, make a mockery of democracy yet have perfected corruption and robbing state coffers of the resource wealth that holds the promise of a better life of their entire people, would accuse any institution that tries to challenge this system as biased. Perhaps if there were any “leaders” in Africa that actually gave a ______ about their people instead of fattening their own pockets then they would actually take governing seriously instead of perpetuating civil wars and chaos through the aforementioned corruption and incompetence that continuously leads their desperate populations (rightfully) to take to the streets. That this cycle of corruption, protest, civil wars, and human rights violations takes place overproportionately in Africa couldn’t possibly be the cause of an overproportionate number of cases against African nations?! Instead this cast of clowns will form their own court to deal with this cycle that ultimately leads to human rights violations, of which they themselves are the root cause. Laughable


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