Corbyn and the Dawn of British Socialism — Black & BLUE

 Blair’s infamous “PFI” programme welcomed the private sector into government projects, a move that has saddled the NHS with obscene amounts of long-term debt, owed to private companies which now hold the lease contracts to hospitals and hospital equipment for up to 30 years. PFI schemes were also introduced in schools, and alongside Blair’s moves to introduce university tuition fees and release the Bank of England from the control of the state, conspired to dilute and further destroy the scope of British democracy: the range of affairs over which the British public is able to collectively dictate via elections and through Parliament. 

The link above is an interesting article that presents a mature perspective on British Socialism and what the new leader of the UK Labour party Jeremy Corbyn stands for.  My agreement with the writer can be summarised as follows:

Most times circumstances beyond people’s control can push them into economic and financial difficulties(not every poor person is a scrounger).  It is irresponsible for amy leader or a government to create an environment that greatly favours only the rich and wealthy, only big business ( as the Conservative party is fond of doing) – favouring Corporations with their fat offshore bank accounts in which are the proceeds of tax evasion (officially ‘tax planning’) – at the expense of the people.  Responsible leaders can see beyond the needs of the rich and wealthy, responsible governments realise that a functional and healthy democracy must use the law and instruments at its disposal to eradicate the worst of inequality, and not auction power into the hands of the wealthy. 


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