The Cowardly and Despicable Carnage that Terrorised Paris on 13th November 2015

**More Than 140 People Dead in Multiple Shootings and Explosions in Paris As Terror Strikes France**

As the civilized world shudders from yet another bloody terrorist crisis, we affirm our beliefs that Terrorism has no place in a civilized world.

It doesn’t matter if the act of terrorism occurs in Paris, Nairobi, Gaza, Mumbai, Aleppo, Baghdad or Shibam, it doesn’t matter who the terrorists are, or how big their guns are, how well resourced they are, or where they got their training….

Terrorism is evil. Terrorism is cowardly. Terrorism must be condemned by everyone. And terrorism must be fought resolutely everywhere.

From Nigeria to Yemen.

At this time, our prayers extend to the families of the victims and the injured in Paris, ordinary people devastated in a cowardly attack, destroying families…after a night of violence and bloodshed.

Paris will survive, France will overcome this.

And sadly these mad individuals, even though they claim to be muslims, are not true muslims, and do not represent the true values of Islam. From my limited knowledge, they couldn’t possibly be muslim when they think it is okay to kill innocent people. At concerts? At a football match?

Unfortunately and while it is a sad and painful event for everyone affected, this tragedy will also work to limit civil liberties in society making it a more paranoid and militarised environment, increasing suspicions against foreigners, and enhancing the schisms already present in western society. I say this because it is said the terrorists shouted Islamist slogans and denounced France’s involvement in Syria – making the issue a political issue. Since we know from the attacks on Charlie Hebdo how that led to an increase of attacks and threats against muslims…this is likely to do the same.

Experts in Politics and international affairs agree that these kind of things will continue happening, until the root causes leading to this kind of violence is addressed. To tackle terrorism, you must tackle the root causes they say. I agree with this thinking to an extent, although there is disagreement about the exact course of action of tackling such root causes.

I believe that on issues like the war in Syria, Daesh cannot be defeated without troops on the ground, without launching a real ground offensive in collaboration with partners in the region. Don’t get me wrong, at heart I’m a pacifist who believes in dialogue, but this is no ordinary threat. Islamist terrorism can erode civilisation as we know it – across the whole globe, and what exactly must happen before we decide to send in troops? Should we wait for the most recent Paris attacks to be replicated in London? Or in Berlin?

I believe a unique and resolute response is required, something which I wrote about here. It’s urgent, and the leaders of EU countries and the US need to decide urgently about taking the battle to the hideouts of the terrorists. At a time when Iran and Russia are opening up, and willing to collaborate with the west, drones (that have in the past killed innocent people – via Guardian) are unlikely to be of much help. What is needed to supplement a reformed drone program are Iranian, Russian and the troops of Britain, France, Germany and other western allies on the ground in parts of Syria, Iraq and the territories controlled by IS.

Still a very sad episode in the history of France.


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