How much does an Ambulance cost?

But even if you didn’t want to dish out a fortune on new ambulances, there are other options. For example, there are companies which sell used or refurbished ambulances, and the prices for these vary, but some ambulances registered as recent as 2018, cost less than US$14,000. This means that if you added on the cost of the shipping ontop (about US$5,000 from the UK/ US to Malawi), you would be looking at paying around US$20,000 per unit; roughly one-third of the quoted price!

Obviously these figures will vary widely and will depend on various factors including the ambulance type, whether it is new or used ambulance, and equipment installed, the list of requirements from the buyer (beyond standard equipment), and the type of manufacturer. But the above gives a window into the world of ambulance procurement / manufacturing, albeit from an outsider’s point of view.


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