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Former Malawian President Joyce Banda named as witness in Cashgate Case

This morning’s Nation newspaper has a cover story in which former president of Malawi Joyce Banda has been named yet again as a witness in the court case against Pika … Continue reading

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Malawi Cashgate 2.0 in the making: a new IFMIS, into the same old unreformed system

Cashgate 2.0 is in the process of developing. As I write this post the wheels of another scandal are turning. And I hope I am wrong, because the results will … Continue reading

June 24, 2015 · 1 Comment

A High Court reporter who travels with important court documents

When it doesn’t rain, it pours. Almost everyday, a scandal emerges in Malawi that shows the level of incompetency and dysfunction that exists on all levels. Yesterday Zodiac online posted … Continue reading

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Malawi cancels $145 million arms deal with SA firm: report

Original article here (via Times Live) Malawi cancels $145 million arms deal with SA firm: report The agreement between the Malawi Government and Paramount Group has been abrogated. That is … Continue reading

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Strengthening Civil Society Organisations in Malawi

Because doing so is a necessary ingredient in creation of a strong democracy. The media can be bought by any fool with deep pockets. Similarly, the courts can be corrupted by power-hungry leaders, religious organisations can be partial …

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Caught pants down: Did Lutepo commit perjury?

Caught pants down: Did Lutepo commit perjury? via Malawi 24 Similar Links Whodunnit: Kalambula Bwalo Capital Hill Cashgate Scandal

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‘Cashgate’ corruption scandal rocks Malawi

‘Cashgate’ corruption scandal rocks Malawi via BBC Similar Malawi’s murkey tale of shooting and corription (

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