Malawi Cashgate 2.0 in the making: a new IFMIS, into the same old unreformed system

Cashgate 2.0 is in the process of developing. As I write this post the wheels of another scandal are turning. And I hope I am wrong, because the results will not be pretty.

But for any avoidance of doubt, let me say if in 10 years time the then government of Malawi is still grappling with the same corrupt practices in the civil service that are facing the current government, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

After failing to implement the recommendations of various reviews of the IFMIS system, some dating back to 2009 (which I’ll try to share here if time allows), the Government of Malawi has recently published a call for bids to tender to supply a new IFMIS??

So here’s a question, why invest your resources into the purchase of a different system when

(1) The old system is not broken – merely under-utilised, not fully installed/ adopted, and is still open to abuse? Despite various reviews and audits which included recommendations

(2) When you’ve spent over US$10 million + dollars on the old system. Many more millions on audits…

We’ll be asking these questions here, including dissecting the leaked PwC audit report, a copy of which we have seen!

When $10 MILLION DOLLARS + has/ will be spent on different aspects of the current IFMIS, are we really going to spend $10 million every 6 years on new systems?

The old system is not broken, take it from me — ive read the reports, it’s not broken. It’s merely under-utilised, and open to abuse, and instead of deploying it properly, applying the security patches which were recommended by various audits, tests and reviews, you are issuing out another misguided tender?? Wasting money you do not have…

Are the World Bank on board with this latest display of acute idiocy?

Why do you need a new IFMIS, what for!? Where are they getting the money for these things? I thought the country was broke?

Looking at all this, I can’t help but wonder what the likes of Soft Tech and other suppliers will be thinking…azingoti anthu awa ndi zitsiru…Vindele venecho, infact vindele vinandi led by some chief chindele (whoever decided it was sensible to procure a new system). Because where is the logic in bringing in a new system when you never tried to implement the recommendations and patches which were outlined in various reviews of the old system? When you never attempted to fix the leakages of the old system why buy new software?

Apatu njoka zina zikufuna zidye nawo ndalama. Thats the only explanation. This, without a shadow of a doubt is the beginning of another deeper corruption scandal!

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