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Malawi Ace is changing

Malawi Ace is changing. Watch this space for more info…

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Practical Community led Activism

Now that the UK general election is over and done with, people this side of the world can get back to work, and begin focussing on the difficult issues facing … Continue reading

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Collective Evolution

Collective Evolution – Interesting community full of interesting ideas worth looking at.  

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Home Economics class helps change destiny for Malawi girls

[Original Story here:¬†Home Ec class helps change destiny for Malawi girls¬† via The Star Phoenix ] Tucked away in a classroom at Mount Royal Collegiate, where sewing patterns line the … Continue reading

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Where is Africa’s manufacturing?

I prefer to ask (and answer) the above question, that references to the ‘stage’ or ‘point’ (not physical location) when asked ‘Why is Africa not manufacturing?’ . I’ve been asked … Continue reading

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African Queens: the catty spats inflicting havoc on Africa’s first two female presidents

If you thought the verbal missiles flying between the Malawian President Joyce Banda and several prominent women in Malawi (Seodi White and Jessie Kabwila to name a few) was a … Continue reading

September 15, 2013 · 1 Comment

Visa facilitation as a means to support tourism growth, socio-economic development and job creation

Yesterday an update appeared on the Malawian president’s Facebook page, in which she informed her social media followers that she had participated in a ‘.. Ministerial Roundtable of the United … Continue reading

August 27, 2013 · 1 Comment