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Exploring the Social Enterprise – from London to Accra and back again.

So I figured I wanted to do something, but I wanted to do something effective, not just, like, let’s get some clothes for these kids and leave it at that, … Continue reading

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Nana Kwame Bediako, CEO of Wonda World

Nana Kwame Bediako of Wonda World Estates, Ghana. It’s always good to see young ambitious Africans who have succeeded in following their dreams and are inspiring others.

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African Dream: Tips from Ghana’s banker turned shoemaker

Have a social cause that your local clients can buy into. Because of low employment rates among youths and a lack of training for entrepreneurs, we have created a division that empowers people who want to become entrepreneurs. We hold start-up work shops and give regular talk at schools, universities and even corporate bodies in Ghana such as UT Bank

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LSE Africa Summit: Potential, Promise and Prizes

Say what you like about Africa: Starved, poor, disease ridden, war-torn, corruption infested, tragedy prone… whatever. But besides all the gloom and doom (which is real) is ample tangible evidence … Continue reading

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The Ghanaian

Yesterday morning I had another chance encounter. Now, I’ve noticed that these encounters are getting frequent. Even before I began writing this blog, I seemed to be meeting quite a … Continue reading

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