World Hijab Day

WHDSince Malawi is a country with a sizeable muslim population, this movement is something which is relevant and must be supported. Often people make ill-founded judgements about muslims without understanding their religion and cultures, which is not only wrong, but grossly unfair.

The video below (which was shot in Australia) is of particular significance towards encouraging better understanding:

More details at World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day is on February the 1st and was first celebrated in 2013.

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Before you think about reacting to this video / me, please watch and listen to what the lady has to say:

I’ve heard a similar story in slightly different circumstances. It was in Trafford, Manchester where some domestic violence had taken place between a man and his wife, both white. The wife rang the police, as her husband run out of the house. For some reason, he decided to hide in a garden of a neighbour, a few yards away. The wife had not seen where his husband had gone, but another neighbour, an Arab muslim man had seen the husband ran from the house, after the commotion, including hiding in the garden.

When the police arrived 5 minutes later, they talked to the woman to ascertain what had happened. She told them that they’d had a fight but the man had ran out of the house. By this time, the Arab muslim man, the neighbour was standing outside his house, and he approached the police and told them that he’d seen the man. That he was hiding in a garden, a few yards away from where they stood.

They ignored him.

It was at this point that my former housemate, a white Irish male, who had been in his living room, and had witnessed the commotion, came out of his house, and told the police exactly what the Arab man had told them.

Only then did they approach this other neighbour’s garden, and lo and behold the man was there!