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The Eagle in a Storm

The following is a post (and ‘afterthoughts’) from the Facebook Page of Strive Masiyiwa, the Zimbabwean billionaire and  businessman wh is an inspiration to many Africans. From reading the advice … Continue reading

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Why the Malawi Postal Corporation should enter the business of International Money Transfer

A few weeks ago, I watched a Christmas party video in which the speaker talked about remittances by migrants living in the UK, and immediately I got an idea. Why … Continue reading

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Skulls over economy – Zimbabwe’s case of misplaced priority

Skulls over economy – Zimbabwe’s case of misplaced priority … Recently street vendors in Harare were given an ultimatum by the government to leave the streets. But where to? Most … Continue reading

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Why China should help Mozambique and Tanzania develop their Natural Gas production Capacities

Challenges ahead for Tanzania To Build new CapaCiTies for gas Industry Development I refer to the section 3.1 titled ‘Addressing General weakness of the economy’  and section 6.1  titled ‘Unchecked … Continue reading

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Is Robert Mugabe the right person to chair the African Union?

Such is the irony of democracy in that sometimes even cantankerous oafs can be celebrated as valiant heroes. A few days ago, I was dismayed to learn that Robert Mugabe … Continue reading

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I have decided to leave Zimbabwe

And guess what, my children have to grow up in such an environment and go to schools whose teachers don’t even know why they are doing what they do.

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Zimbabwe…like you’ve never seen it via KALABASH Despite the politics, Zimbabweans seem to be getting on…these pictures look like any other pictures of life in towns, villages and cities across … Continue reading

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