Freedom and Truth

dalai lama

I find myself drawing upon the words of the Dalai Lama for inspiration…like Tibet, most African countries are ‘under oppression’ from a variety of factors and their peoples are crying out for freedom…

Freedom from tyranny , freedom from war and conflicts, freedom from poverty, freedom from abuse, freedom from lies, in Malawi – freedom from brutish politicians. Those who Bakili Muluzi, Malawi’s first democratically elected president once talked of:-

doing evil in secret, but throwing false pretenses in public. Here, a biblical quote is probably relevent

…men of blood and treachery shall not live out half their days…” Isaiah 55v 23

And recently, after the events surrounding Bingu Wa Mutharika’s death have been revealed, I wonder, how political personalities who conspired to derail a democratic process, to hijack the presidency, are deemed fit to run for public office??????

Freedom from religious fundamentalism on the continent – which in some forms spreads across borders causing conflict, wars and displacement

And Truth.

Truth about our economy, truth and transparency on governance, truth about the levels of corruption in government and business, truth about our history,  truth and accountability regarding our resources, truth about our country’s productivity – where does the money spent or received in aid go?

To gain Freedom, we need Truth, and this is in the best interest of both the governor and the governed.


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