African Aid

Interesting to see that there are few or no aid organisations in the UK whose mission is specifically to help Africans. Well, maybe I’m telling a half truth here, what I should probably say is I have not seen many such organisations, or more accurately, before beginning to write this post (or before taking the picture above), I had encountered none.

On paper, they should exist, in fact they do exist (see here and here – although these are not based in  the UK) yet in everyday real life,  you barely see them.

What you see are organisations like the ones in the images  above, in this case to help Palestinians and Muslims, work which is undoubtedly noble. You also see the usual ones, and the likes of this:


Maybe I’m asking the wrong question, but I wonder  why it is the case that there are no such organisations about town, or at least in Manchester (just as there is the Muslim aid around the corner in Chorlton, less than 10 minutes walk from where I live). Just an observation  🙂

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