Generally, and although one must learn to walk before they run, it happens to be a wise business decision (in many cases) not to put all your eggs in one basket (no such thing as an impenetrable, indestructible future growth prospects business), and everyone from Coca-Cola, through Michelin, to LVMH have done it, and continue to do it.

In the case of LVHM, they not only are the owners of the Louis Vuitton brand, but are also the owners of the Hennessy (here and here) and Moet & Chandon Campagne brand (more here). LVHM are royalty of Fashion and Luxury goods, Perfumes, Watches and Jewellery; into retail including outlets in airports and aboard cruise ships….and that’s just scratching the surface They even went as far as buying Bulgari (which itself is diversified, and has hotels, resorts and restaurants).

While there is more to the story of LVHM, it’s probably little wonder then that the group’s turnover is now over £23 billion.


1. Economic growth in Malaysia: some possible lessons for Ghana

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