Coconut Water


Three days ago, I found myself staring at the Bloomberg Tv channel, while waiting for some friends in their house, just outside Manchester. There was a story on Brazil, in particular on market competition of Coconut water producers. Here’s the link to the Video.

I know Malawi grows some Palm trees (although not sure about the scale), and I remember as a young boy seeing many coconut sellers around the Mangochi area many years ago. It must have been in the late nineties when my family lived in the area. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find much information online about how much coconut is produced in Malawi, but I suspect not very much.

According to Wikipedia, the Philippines and Indonesia top the charts of world top producers, Brazil comes in at number four while Tanzania comes in at number ten [2010 stats].

However, globally, what is clear whichever way you look at it is that the coconut water market is a considerably large, and cannot simply be ignored or dismissed. If we consider stats such as those listed in the links below, the market is indeed growing, and could grow to be massive. Proponents and supporters of  this line of thought suggest that the coconut water market will hit $1 billion, by 2014. That’s quite soon, just next year.

And that’s before you consider the market of processed coconut products (coconut oils, coconut milk, soaps, etc)

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