I told you so


Remember my article here that questioned whether officials within UDF, DPP and PP knew about the problems of the Integrated Financial Management Information System, (IFMIS) – the government financial system that has in recent months been at the centre of a massive embezzlement scandal by public officials in Malawi in which tens of millions of dollars have been embezzled? (see references here, herehere, here and here)

Well, there has been a copy of an email circulating social media circles recently that strongly suggests that Bingu Wa Mutharika – the Malawian president at the time of the report mentioned in my article – was explicitly informed of the dangers and actual corruption that was currently taking place within his government – and that he did nothing, even after promising to take action.

This was the same government in which Joyce Banda was a minister, then vice president. In fact at the publication of the report below, Joyce banda had been vice president for close to 6 months.

In the email ( which can be found on profiles of political commentators on social media outlets such as Facebook), one of the authors of the report [Summary of key findings and recommendations of GOM IFMIS Review-2] is responding to his brother’s email, who appears to have just informed him that he’s ‘…made the news’. The email is dated October 25th 2013, three days before we published our article, and the writer seems to be saying he did infact inform the government of the day of all the dangers; that he told them so…


I am in the process of verifying the authenticity of this email via a contact in Malawi and will post any developments on this page.


  1. […] Besides the revelations of corruption that have been levied against the government of Malawi, to me serious questions of doubt began after the reshuffle,  which retained many shady characters. At first I was willing to give Joyce Banda the benefit of the doubt, until in addition to everything that was flying around in the media (partly chronicled here), I read this report and saw this email. […]



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