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Joyce Banda’s Speech at Mandela’s funeral


It seems President Joyce Banda’s speech at Mandela’s Funeral was quite the speech. Haven’t listened to it yet, but a good number of people I know have commended her for it …

Nice one Madame!

Update: Having watched it, I’m not convinced that it was the most eloquent of speeches, given the occasion. There was too much emphasis on herself ( I , I , I ..) and she seemed to be soliciting sympathy at one point, where she is talking about her situation before she became president. Further, I wonder whether she had read it beforehand, as you can see that she hesitated quite a number of times throughout it, as if she wasn’t entirely familiar with the text??

This may sound a hint fastidious, and yes it’s a funeral and not an address at the UN, but that shouldnt be an excuse for a second class presentation.


Joyce Banda says Mandela was the great son of Africa in her moving tribute to Nelson Mandela

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